When children with special needs suffer at school it worsens their already challenging lives, with implications that can last a lifetime. I can help...


Initial Phone Contact (15 minutes free)
When you call me, we can briefly discuss your concerns. I will make a recommendation about how to proceed and, if appropriate, schedule an appointment for an in-depth consultation.

In-Office Consultation (60 minutes, $150)
We will discuss your concerns and determine how I can assist you. I will help you identify the problems and create a plan of action to resolve them with your school district. I will provide my recommendations regarding educational services and supports, and educate you about the IEP process and your legal rights. I can support you to advocate on your own, or you may decide to hire me to attend the IEP meeting with you.

Records Review ($100 an hour; average is $400)
I will thoroughly review your child's educational and clinical records including private evaluations, IEP's, educational assessments, report cards and achievement testing to get a picture of your child's needs. I can then assess whether your child is receiving appropriate services and supports, whether there is a need for additional testing or evaluation, and whether the IEP is being implemented appropriately. This process typically takes several hours or more depending on the amount of documentation I need to review. I will write an advocacy plan based on my findings.

IEP Meeting Advocacy ($100 an hour)
I can attend the IEP meeting with you as your advocate. I will work collaboratively and assertively with the IEP team to create an appropriate plan for your child. I will make sure the necessary steps are taken to implement the IEP and that ongoing progress monitoring is conducted. I will ensure that the IEP document is written to protect your child's right to a Free Appropriate Public Education in the Least Restrictive Environment.

Supportive Counseling ($125 an hour)
It is stressful and difficult to parent a child with special needs. There are often strains on your marriage or partnership, sibling relationships and social life. I can provide supportive counseling to help you develop coping strategies and manage stress as you encounter each day's challenges. I am uniquely qualified to assist you because of my personal experience providing individual and family therapy as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and my personal experience as a parent of a son with special needs.

Parent Support Groups ($25 a session)
Talking with other parents about the challenges of raising a child with special needs can be extremely helpful. Parents share information about resources, helpful coping strategies, and provide encouragement and understanding to one another. My support groups are organized as 6-week commitments and are ongoing. Contact me for details.

Sibling Support Groups ($25 a session)
Siblings may struggle with emotions that they can't express or that they act out through their behavior in the family and at school. My sibling groups give kids an opportunity to have fun and socialize with others, to vent their feelings in a safe environment, and to develop coping strategies to handle their frustration, sadness, anger and guilt. This group is organized as a 4-session commitment and are done over the summer months. Contact me for details.

Workshops and Presentations
I have conducted impactful workshops on creating, improving and implementing effective IEP's. I can speak to your group about a variety of topics including: parent’s rights under IDEA, how to be an effective advocate for your child, strategies to manage record-keeping and correspondence with schools, and more. Contact me to discuss what information would be most useful to your group.